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TriMet Tracker for WebOS

TriMet Tracker is an app to provide quick access to the bus and max stops that you frequent in the Portland area.

Current Version is 1.4.1

If you’re on your phone, click here to download it.

Source code can be found here.


  • Keep a list of the stops you go to most often.
  • View the real-time arrival estimates for each bus stop.
  • Get detour information.
  • Go straight to the TriMet mobile site with schedule information
  • Plan a trip
  • Find stops near you.
  • Find a stop from a list of bus routes.

Planned Features:

  • Use google maps to show the location of the bus stop.
  • Use google maps for walking directions in the trip planner.

Feed back and feature requests are always appreciated. Unfortunately I can’t do everything though, as I’m working and going to college, and can only work on this in my free time.

This app lets you create a list of all the Portland area TriMet bus stops you frequent, allowing you to to look up the real-time arrival estimates quickly and easily without having to go to the TriMet website every time. It works with Max lines as well. If you don’t know the stop ID, or there isn’t one on the TriMet sign, you can now use this app to find the stop ID. ======= New Features for 1.3.0: – Added the ability to search for a stop ID without going to the website ======= New Features for 1.2.5: -Detour information is now shown -The routes that go to each stop are now shown in the main stop-list ======= New Features for 1.2: – Arrival times now count down auto-refresh every 30 seconds – Arrival times now refresh whenever you maximize the application or unlock your phone. – The scheduled time is always shown in addition to the estimated time
  1. Christina Tigner permalink

    Nice! Thank you!

  2. Joel permalink

    when will Streetcar be added?

    • Currently the street cars aren’t supported through Trimet’s developer program. Apparently the street cars are run by a separate organization, which doesn’t let Trimet give out the data for the streetcars. I haven’t figure out a good way to get at the streetcar data yet, but I’ll try to at least let my app link to the trimet mobile website for the streetcars. Sorry about that.

  3. dave permalink

    an essential tool for Palm users in PDX!

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