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TriMet Tracker for Android

Download at Google Play

TriMet Tracker is an app that provides quick access to the Bus and MAX stops that you frequent in the Portland area. This app is especially useful for people who commute frequently and want access to the real time arrival info as quickly as possible.

I created this app because I’m a local who rides TriMet almost every day and I needed an app that let me get arrival info with as few taps as possible, and no other TriMet app was up to my standards. I hope you will find it as useful as I have.

There is also an ad-supported version available called TriMet Tracker Free.


  •  Keep a list of your favorite stops.
  • View the real-time arrival estimates for each Bus/MAX stop. Stops automatically refresh whenever you open the app and every 30 seconds.
  • Get detour information.
  • Go straight to the TriMet mobile site with schedule and other information.
  • Find stops near you using GPS.
  • Find a stop from a list of bus routes.

Planned Features:

  • Keep track of which stops you go to most frequently.
  • A Dark/Night theme

Feedback and feature requests are always appreciated. Unfortunately I can’t do everything though, as I’m working and going to college.

  1. Debi permalink

    I have tri met tracker free – it no longer gives stop information when you go to choose a route – just shows “Max Blue Line”

    • Hi Debi, thanks for using my app. I pushed out a fix last night, it looks like the new version is live on Google Play, so hopefully it has updated itself already. I apologize it took so long to fix the issue, school and work always seem to get in the way of the more important things in life.

      –Joe Pinsonault

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